The New DCBuySell

Since Jason and I started the company in 2014, we've been seeking to find our niche and voice in this crowded space. We've done everything from completing our own development projects, wholesaling properties to other developers, and exploring various joint venture opportunities. But, what started as a way for us to engage with the community and sort of a hobby, is starting to get bigger and have to adopt. So we've been doing some soul-searching over the past few months. We asked ourselves "what is the big mission?" what is it that is going to set us apart from others? It turns out the answer was right in front of us. We want to be known for more than just a development company and become a full scale real estate agency that is also focused on sales and marketing in addition to developments. That is because; we believe that all of these elements go hand in hand and there is absolutely a need in today's market that will make our services unique to home buyers/sellers, other agents, developers and other partners. 

Of course a new identity is more than just a blog post. So we've redesigned our logo and the entire website to better reflect our new mission and services offered. We will be using this website as a platform to showcase new development projects, featured listings and everything related to DC's real estate market. You will see us become much more active in the market and continue growing our services. 

The past 18 months has been fun, exciting and challenging at times. We are grateful to have met and inspired by many that are doing amazing things in our community and look forward to starting the next chapter of this journey with all of you.