3 Things to Read This Weekend

Here are the 3 real estate related topics worth reading in your free time this weekend:

  • Real life of a NEWBIE investor - Fantastic discussion happening over at BiggerPockets forums where a beginner investor from Georgia has documented his initial days of getting started in real estate. This post has inspired a lot of other investors to come forward and discuss their own early days of being involved in real estate.
  • Sears Looks to Real Estate To Boost Cash - WSJ takes a look at Sears plans to raise cash by spinning off 300 stores into a separate entity and playing the REIT card.  This is a trend worth keeping an eye on as struggling retailers (think McDonald's for example) look at their real estate assets in order to slash their tax bills and keep investors happy.
  • A hot condo market, but a mortgage squeeze for entry-level buyers -  Demand for condominium units is rising in many parts of the nation but are the financing barriers making it difficult for first time homebuyers to get in? This post looks at a couple of different factors and what the federal government could do to ease the process.