CRM for Real Estate Investors

We've been debating internally on how we should manage leads and centralize our contacts, property listings and investment options in a single cloud based platform and after a long search for customer relationship management (CRM) tools, we have settled in on Podio as our preferred platform. I plan on writing a more detailed follow-up at a later time to provide some additional color on our search criteria, different solutions that we evaluated and the reasons why we ultimately chose Podio but in short, they seem to be the only option in town with extra flexibility and customization that is needed for different real estate related scenarios. Podio's pricing (FREE) also made this a no-brainer. We might opt to upgrade to a paid version once we have more people involved on our deals but for now the free version should suffice.

One thing that really pursued me to Podio was their focus on mobile and their Andorid and iOS apps are as good as the desktop platform.  Given how most of our connections and transactions happens out of the office these days, having a powerful mobile app was important.

Look for an update to this post in the coming days and let us know if there are other CRM for real estate investors that we should try.