Why Real Estate Investing Now

It has been an interesting (and exciting) few weeks as my partner Jason and I decided to join forces and start so I thought I will start this blog by briefly explaining the reason behind our motives and what we hope to accomplish. I am sure Jason will be posting his own thoughts soon. I had just graduated from school and was looking for a mentor when I first met Jason in 2007.  We were both working as sales executives for a software company and continued to work together for 6 years before he left the company and decided to travel all over South America for fun (we were all jealous). Long story short but besides his unparalleled work ethic and competitive nature; I've always admired what he had accomplished in real estate as a young investor and his overall thought process when it came to buying and selling homes so when the opportunity came to partner with him I quickly jumped on it.

In recent months and as we started attending real estate networking & meet ups together; one thing became clear that our skill sets seem to compliment each other. Between my background in marketing/sales and unique approach to problems and Jason's hustle, local DC connections and an eye for a great real estate property; I am hoping we'll find the right formula of success in this competitive market. I don't a have a magic 8th ball so I can't tell you exactly what the future holds for us but we are willing to put in the hard work and find out. We know that the first couple of years are going to be challenging and will require a lot of patience but that is the fun part. My favorite business saying is "fail fast, fail often" so we are going to be bold and take risks in order to stand out.

Another thing worth mentioning is that we are hoping to give back to our community and will work with everyone that we come across regardless of their affiliations, status and relationships. Jason is a long time resident of DC and is raising two beautiful kids in the city and we are fully committed to making sure that Washington DC continues to be America's coolest city. Nothing will make us more prouder than seeing our partners and associates (in most cases competitors) succeed so we will work to make sure there is a healthy and vibrant ecosystem of real estate professionals in the city. We already had our first DC/MD/VA real estate meet up last week and will be doing more of these types of events so hopefully you could all join us in the future.

As far as this blog is concerned; we will be covering everything from technology innovations in real estate, success stories, interviews with other local investors, events and all other good stuff so subscribe to our blog and make sure to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to stay updated.

I could be reached at payam[at]  All feedbacks are welcomed.